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If You or Your Loved one were Diagnosed with Cancer Don’t Panic and Don’t Give Up! 

We Can Help!

There are Advanced Therapies and Treatments Available that You and Your Doctor May Not Know About.

There are Answers and there are Options Available.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer you can call us (403-398-6110)   
or email us your medical information at pathwaymedicine@yahoo.ca

We now are representing the German doctors here, in Canada, and are helping them do triaging. Once they will review your medical information and see that you are a suitable candidate they will get back to you to schedule treatments. We can also answer any questions you may have about treatments, travel, and the cost.

In cases of breast cancer many avoided mastectomy, and saved breast while treating cancer. In other types of cancer, both operable and inoperable, advanced treatments have also saved vital organs and spared from unnecessary surgeries.


Story of a Cancer Survivor

Journey with the Doctors

7 years before I was finally diagnosed with stage 4 (and grade 3) uterine cancer I woke up one morning and told my husband: “I think I have uterine cancer”. The felt sense was so clear that I had no doubt in my mind. My husband of course said that it was very unlikely as despite of some uncomfortable symptoms overall I felt and looked good.

I still asked my family doctor for ultrasound, blood work, and even CT scan. All tests were “normal”, and my doctor advised against biopsy. I still insisted to see gynecologist, and after many months of wait I heard the same thing: ”Your tests are normal and you don’t have cancer”.

Over the years the doctors convinced me that I may have endometriosis or just hormonal changes that in their view explained the symptoms. The more I insisted with my family doctor to be checked again more thoroughly the more he tried to convince me to see a psychiatrist. He finally pressured me to see a psychiatrist that made me extremely mad. I had pain in my uterus and pieces of some black tissue periodically were coming out of me, and I was sent to a psychiatrist?!

Ironically, the visit to a psychiatrist was very helpful in its own way. The psychiatrist was in his 70-ies but still working. He had an eerie office decorated with discolored by the sun dusty plastic flowers, filthy old furniture and a very old secretary with a hearing problem.  He also had an unpleasant narcissistic personality and had “all the answers” for me before he even listened to anything. I realized I am completely crazy to listen to all this or go see him in the first place. I came out with one clear thought: ”I must insist on further testing and get to the bottom of it”. So I did. At the end of November 2016 I finally took charge and strongly insisted on biopsy and investigative surgery if needed. I also insisted on a full CT scan with contrast dyes that was never performed despite my requests.

In a few weeks I have learned devastating news, that I have stage 4 uterine cancer that has now spread to abdomen and engages abdominal organs (ovaries, colon, rectum, small intestine, spleen, connective tissue in abdominal cavity).

Cancer Diagnosis

When you get diagnosis like this all of a sudden you are pushed into the dark tunnel where everything looks surreal. In this tunnel you can’t escape or go back. In this tunnel you have no control of anything if you follow the standard processes. You are given a card with the Cancer Center and a “cancer number”. You are also given a discount card to get a wig for chemotherapy. The doctor and nurses tell you your very few options and what will happen next. You are now also called “our cancer people” and the staff is super nice with you, as if it is your last day and you will drop dead tomorrow. In this dark tunnel there are people with same diagnosis. Many look beyond awful not from the disease, but from rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Hopeless, in pain, completely lost…,- they all walk in this tunnel, following doctor’s protocols…They walk towards their death…It is unclear why would they accept this as the only “truth”, why would they deprive themselves of any quality of life? It’s hard to accept that this is the only choice they have, or the only way...And it is not!

As the oncologist saw me in the Cancer Center he was very clear about my options here in Canada: chemotherapy, radical surgery, and then chemotherapy again. He said they would give me chemo for “as long as I can take it”, even though it may be just palliative (not curative). He also honestly said that cases like mine typically are too far-gone and do not respond to chemotherapy, but we still have to try. When I asked: ”Why?”,- he answered that he had to follow the protocols. Radical surgery meant he cuts all that had cancer and gives me a bag instead of some of my organs (intestines/rectum).

I listened to all this and asked what do I need to sign in order to get a lethal injection, as I did not want life like this. To my surprise I was told that I was “not eligible” to get one, as it is only given after they “try” everything and torture you long enough.

After this I asked for a second opinion. In the meantime my husband and I were doing our research to see if anyone in the world may have had a different approach and a solution. Thankfully I found a German Clinic that did have answers and over 25 years of experience to treat cases like mine.

As I finally got to see my second opinion doctor (rather high ranking administrator with the Cancer Centre and a surgeon),- I was anxious to share my news about treatments in Europe. After she confirmed the same thing the first doctor said about my case I asked if they knew anything about how cases like mine are treated by their colleagues in Europe. The answer I got left me speechless. She said rather angrily: ”No, I don’t know. I made it my business NOT TO KNOW. I am a surgeon, and I do surgeries the way I am trained. That’s all”.

With this I left and embarked on the second part of my journey to find solutions.


Sometimes when you don’t know what to do there is some sort of what I call divine guidance that all of a sudden arrives. I also like to call it a moment of a Divine Grace…

Things seem to happen on their own, like in a dream. Information comes, resources appear, people come forward and magically help.

I had weeks to perhaps a few months to live, so I had to act very fast. After extensive research and talking on the phone to doctors all over the world I found what looked like a potential solution. My husband and I decided to seek help in Germany. The German clinic reviewed my medical records and said that they would take me for a treatment.

I had monetary donations coming fast as well as a dear friend lent me a large sum of money to pay for treatments.

As much as I am a believer in all things and therapies that are natural,- with my case being so advanced there was no choice to only do natural therapies. I needed to buy time for pursuing anything more holistic and natural and heal the disease. I am glad I did.

I think that allopathic and naturopathic medicine should work together and compliment each other, especially in complex cases. It is unclear to me why this is not a common practice in North America.

After handling the emergency in the body I am now doing other types of healing that address overall health of immune system. This would be my recommendation to anyone with this diagnosis.

After a few surgeries and other advanced treatments I am cancer free. I feel good and gain more strength every day.

We can help you: Referrals to Germany

Having lived what feels like entire lifetime in just a few months I now know exactly how it feels to get Cancer Diagnosis. It’s very hard to explain to anybody who never had it.

My life mission has always been to help others heal and to be in service. This experience is no different. I am glad that I can help others see the light at the end of the “cancer tunnel”. There is light, there are options, but people just do not know about them. It saddens my heart deeply that so many die without knowing that solutions exist.

I make it my mission now to help connect with the doctors in Germany, consult with them, and do a referral for treatments. We also are looking at organizing a Charity to raise funds for cancer treatments abroad.