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Distance Treatments 

Science Behind the Distance Treatments and Phenomena of "Non-Locality"

There is still a tendency to approach medicine, and the treatment of the body, along the archaic Cartesian lines of reasoning. This tendency still occurs because it appeals to our natural inclination to use simple linear logic to explain our body and the world despite all evidence to the contrary. 

By tracing the discoveries of quantum physics and mechanics we see the evolution of the holographic paradigm. Quantum mechanics views the world as being in constant dynamic interaction at all levels, nothing existing in it of itself. From this perspective everything exists only as a part of a dynamic system, with each part reflecting the whole.

Adapting the quantum concept of relativity of time and space as well as universal consciousness field it is easy to understand that we can tap into any information about anyone or anything that exists (or existed) at any time, and from anywhere. The innate wisdom of the individual body is connected to the wisdom of totality as a whole. By utilizing this wisdom we are tapping into universal consciousness informational field for performing both in-person or a distance session. 

This makes the very division "distance" or "non-distance" sessions non-essential, because whether over a distance or in-person we still work with the information about the body, not the BODY ITSELF.


It is also well explained through many years of research into the Theory of Morphic Informational Fileds. A lot of research was specifically conducted by Rupert Sheldrake, an English biochemist. He is known for having proposed a theory of morphogenesis as well as for his research into parapsychology. His books and papers stem from his hypothesis of morphic resonance, and cover topics such as animal and plant development and behaviour, memory, tepepathy, perception, and cognition in general. The phenomenon of “knowing at a distance" without having any information is explained by the theory of “morphogenic fields” that act as a storage of all information. (If you are interested in this you can also check world renown scientists like: Bruce Lipton, PhD; Amit Goswami, PhD /, James Oshman,PhD)

In conducting rigorous experiments to explore the realities of the sub-atomic world, quantum physicists have discovered that when two particles that were once connected are separated, anything that is done to one will have the same and equal effect on the other at the precise same time. It does not matter how much space separates these particles, a few feet or a few light years. The changes are seen instantaneously in both. There is no time needed for transference of information between the two particles, as information becomes available instantly. It seems that the two particles behave as one. That is, effects seen "here" are also experienced "there". This phenomenon has been labeled "non-locality".  

This non-local phenomena has been noted not only between particles, but between people as well. It can happen spontaneously between family members who are very close for example, the mother whose hand starts throbbing just as her daughter living down the road burns her hand. Or one twin who feels the labor pains of the other twin who is living birth at that precise time in another country. Spiritually the concept of non-locality could be explained as the mind (God) and spirit being omnipresent. That is, mind is everywhere and all at once. 

(Bells theorem emphasizes that "no theory of reality compatible with quantum theory can require specially separated events to be separate." In other words, all distant events are constantly interconnected and interdependent. This implies that each and every electron must know exactly what every other electron in the universe is doing in order to understand what it, itself, has to do at any given moment. This further implies that every atom in the universe is constantly “in touch” with “all that is”. This universality (or interconnectedness) of substance corresponds to the concept of a consciousness that is cognizant of everything-collectively and individually. This paradigm postulates that every microscopic part of our body knows exactly what every other part is doing and is responding accordingly.

By tapping into the informational/consciousness field  (“holographic records”) we can conduct a distance treatment session. The links that are tapped out in the BodyTalk session happen instantly in the clients informational field, regardless of where he or she is. We work with the client’s holographic record of his/her information. Holograms contain the information of the whole. As long as we have the client's name (address, and preferably photo), we have access to the entire morphogenic field of information about that person.

(The Russian and  U.S.  military research implemented this principle when they trained people to conduct remote viewing of each other's secret bases during the cold war. Government officials provided the coordinates of military sites and the remote viewers would use their minds to describe the buildings and their contents as well as the people stationed there. This is not dissimilar to what we do when we "see" our distance clients in our minds and pick up information about them).

Another concept that has been slowly accepted by quantum physicists over the past century is that nothing exists until here's an observer to see it. This "observing things into reality" also helps explain how the distance healing yield results. If the practitioner "sees" the client and "sees" the shifts taking place, then he acts as an observer for the shifts to translate into this reality.

Benefit of Distance Treatment Sessions to both Client

Conducting distance treatments offers benefits for both the client and the practitioner. Distance sessions increase the accessibility of the Body Talk. Clients don't need to travel great distances when a Body Talk practitioner isn't close by. There are still many parts of the world without Body Talk practitioners and even in countries where Body Talk is well-established, some cities lack practitioners. Also some people have trouble going anywhere due to physical limitations or lack of transportation. Some clients may even prefer to receive distance treatments rather than negotiate traffic. By offering remote sessions, virtually everyone has access to Body Talk and their practitioner no matter where they are in the world. Clients can receive all of the advantages of the session from the comfort of their homes! They may choose to be on the phone with the practitioner during the appointment and participate, or relax on a sofa during the time of the treatment, or sleep throughout the entire session. Some of my overseas clients deliberately select appointment times during the night so that they awaken in the morning with the changes of the treatment already in effect.

 A number of clients who started out with in-person sessions have, for reasons usually related to convenience, switched to receiving distance treatments when needed.