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Medicine of the soul is the medicine of the body

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  " All of the physiological processes in the body are not a linear link of single chains, but a great number 
     of crisscrossed pathways”. (Dr. R. Gerber.)


Major Differences Between Conventional and Energy Medicine

Conventional Medicine Model 

Energy/Vibrational Medicine Model 


Based on Newtonian  Physics;

Based on Einsteinium and Quantum Physics;


Views the body as a  biological machine;

Views the body as a dynamic Energy System;


Sees brain as a biological computer running  consciousness;

Looks at the spirit/mind as a true source of consciousness. Spirit/mind is a true "Operator" who runs thebrain-biocomputer;


Emotions influence illness through the neuro-hormonal connections between the brain and the body;

Emotions and spirit can influence illness via energetic and neuro-hormonal pathways that  connect all levels of the body, mind, and spirit;  


Treatment with drugs and surgery to fix the physical body that always creates    more problems down the road, and has severe side effects.

Treatment with different forms and frequencies of energy to rebalance Body/Mind/Spirit Complex while approaching the whole system wholistically.

What is Lacking in Traditional Medical System?

There is something that modern health care systems have tended to forget or ignore. Even though it is clear that allopathic health care training provides only a glimpse into the complex interactions of the bodymind the trend has been to diagnose everything and “play God” while intervening in the body’s natural processes.

The human body, being a complex bio-vibrational mechanism, carries the programs for the self-healing for all body parts, organs, and systems. When the accumulated stress of life breaks communication lines within the body it limits its ability to access and find appropriate healing programs. Through de-stressing electrical systems of the body and restoring these communication lines the body can find appropriate program to heal the problem.

When the Natural Healing could be Limited

Of course, there are times that natural healing is limited. The typical emergency such as a car accident, where the body is in crisis, we need a skilled intervention in the form of modern medicine. In emergency situations while modern medicine takes care of emergencies wholistic natural medicine can help achieve long-lasting healing. Ideally they should be working together. 

1. What is Energy Medicine? 

Energy medicine is medicine of the future. New medicine brings a new model of medicine. It is a synthesis of the best ancient healing lore combined with the latest discoveries in science into energetic nature of the atoms and molecules making up our bodies.

According to the new perspective of Einsteinium and Quantum Physics, the biochemical molecules that make up the physical body are a form of vibrating energy.

Rather than seeing the body as a sophisticated machine, animated only by electrochemical reactions, Energy/Vibrational Medicine views the body as a complex, integrated, multidimensional life-energy system that provides a vehicle for human consciousness as well as housing for human soul.

In the world of Energy Medicine illness is thought to be caused not only by germs, chemical toxins, and physical trauma but also by chronic dysfunctional energy patterns.

“Healing energy”, whether produced by a medical device or projected from the human body, is energy of a particular frequency that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues, as well as brings healing changes to the mind, and spirit of a sick individual.

Medical researchers have stated that the Energy Field Therapies are effective because they project “information” into tissues. This triggers a cascade of activities, from the cell membrane to the nucleus and on to the gene level where specific changes take place. Particular “repair” processes are triggered by the information contained in signals of specific frequencies.

As every year Molecular Biology and Quantum Physics do more research into subtle energy fields, DNA, cell function and its consciousness medical community also becomes more open to adapt the concepts of this new and rapidly developing science: Energy Medicine. 

Energy Medicine is a science studying the patterns of human bioenergetic field, and ways of reading and influencing it. Energy Medicine carries the wisdom of ages about human energy field and latest scientific discoveries. In traditional medical diagnosis quantum technologies like CAT scans and MRIs are being utilized more and more. They bring the most detailed information from reading bioenergy field of the human body. In Energy Medicine as a healing system we use the same principles that traditional medicine uses for diagnosis. For the past 15-years Energy Medicine is an area of the most serious scientific research.

2. Main Principles of Energy Medicine

(as per  Dr. Valerie Hunt, PhD Biology; Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cell Biology; Dr. James Oschman, PhD Biophysics and Physiology;  Dr. Burr, PhD. Molecular Biology; Richard Gerber, MD)  

1. Human Beings are more than just a sum of their physical parts.

Rather than seeing the body as a bio - machine, animated only by chemical reactions, Energy/Vibrational Medicine views the body as a complex, multidimensional Life-Energy Matrix. It provides a vehicle for human consciousness and housing for human Soul.

2. Latest research shows that the molecules in our body as well as body itself are vibrating energies, where physical aspect of the body vibrates at a lower frequency.

3. Human Vibrational Matrix is a vast network of wave-like interrelationships, which form our physical body and subtle energy bodies. 

4. Every living organism has an energy blueprint in a form of a biomagnetic field that holds all the information about itself. Every living system has such informational field (”software program”) that coordinates physical function. 

5. Consciousness is not a “by-product” of brain functioning. It is a non-local phenomena and measurable energy in and around our physical body. It plays a huge role in health and illness.

6. Thoughts and emotions are subtle but distinct energies. Negative energy from negative thoughts and emotions “obscures” our perfect blueprint, and if not “cleared” timely can overwrite our “programs”. (similar to a computer virus). 

Energetic Healing is a term defining healing taking place at quantum and electromagnetic levels. Humans have an innate ability of generating strong biomagnetic fields of specific frequencies and transmitting them to another bio-system like another person, plant, or animal. This is how energy healing works. Even though Energy Medicine is the most ancient form of medicine in any culture it still remains a mystery how exactly one individual is able to “read” the field of another individual or generate the pulsating field of various frequencies according to the other individual’s need. 

New generations of energy generating quantum and electromagnetic devices could be helpful in healing, but at this time no machine created by humans can produce multiple, alternating in frequency bioenergetic fields. Technical science is only making its first steps.

From technical perspective Energy Medicine applications are based on a conscious choice of an individual to enter his/her quantum database, restructure it, and change the configuration of the data recorded years ago. This also includes genetic bank of information that contains belief systems, cultural programming, as well as physical diseases. 

From spiritual perspective healing with Energy Medicine means accessing information on a soul level and reconnecting with the innate soul purpose.

The latest research in Energy Medicine proves that it is extremely important to clear your energy filed in order to heal any condition as well as maintain health and balance in life.

We practice the most advanced forms of Energy Medicine where using body’s neuro-muscular biofeedback response system we are able to identify and remove energy blocks that interfere with the  flow of healing energy and obscure the perfect blueprint (for more details click here).

In some cases when it comes to really stubborn blocks that would not shift otherwise we have to look at a much bigger picture in order to unlock our maximum healing potential. To achieve deep and long-lasting results we need to do the healing work on our family of origin. The storage of all information including the dysfunctional health and emotional patterns is in our family’s informational database. The key to unlock the oldest and most stubborn blocks lies in accessing family informational filed (for more details click here). These blocks could create disease and interfere with us living our lives fully. 

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3. The most advanced and comprehensive energy medicine system known today: the BodyTalk System 

BodyTalk is a revolutionary form of healthcare. It is a safe, effective and non-invasive form of energy medicine which stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The name, BodyTalk, is derived from the principle that in a healthy bodymind there is a constant communication (“talk”) of every organ, body system, and part to all other systems and parts. The common stresses of life tend to break down the communication lines, causing illness and malfunction. BodyTalk helps restore lines of communication in the body. After that the body can heal itself. Clinical results have shown that once the communication systems of the body have been reestablished and the bodymind complex synchronized, the body is capable of healing itself at a deep and lasting level.

 BodyTalk can be used as a stand-alone healing system, as well as it can be seamlessly integrated to support other healthcare modalities.

History and Present Applications









Dr. John Veltheim, the founder 
of the BodyTalk System

Dr. John Veltheim, an Australian Chiropractor and Acupuncturist have developed the BodyTalk System out of his personal health challenges in 1995. Since then it has been taught to thousands of practitioners worldwide, and the numbers are constantly growing. Now there are many trained BodyTalk instructors teaching in various countries. Graduates of the BodyTalk include medical doctors and specialists, psychologists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, physical therapists, osteopaths, nurses, licensed massage therapists, and laypeople. Visit:




Dr. John Veltheim and Olga Arsenyuk, Cerified BodyTalk Instructor at the International BodyTalk Conference. Sarasota, FL, USA.


Dr. John Veltheim and our guest speaker, Tracy Boschman, the client of Pathway Medicine, and the honorable Ms. Calgary at the Public Lecture at the University of Calgary.

Felix Schembri, the Operations Director of 
International BodyTalk Association Europa

The Outstanding Growth and Success of the BodyTalk System

The growth and success of the BodyTalk System is essentially fueled by the following factors:  

1. Outstanding results; 

  2. It can be used as a stand-alone health care system, and can be learned in a relatively short time. The basic program is covered in just two weekend modules totaling 38 hours of workshop time. Anyone can learn basic BodyTalk with no prerequisites; 

3. It can be seamlessly integrated into any other health care modality and is complementary to each modality;

4. It is totally non-invasive and absolutely safe. There are no contraindications to its use; 

5. No diagnosis is given, no medications prescribed, and no invasive techniques imposed upon the patient. The BodyTalk System does not conflict with, or legally contravene, any existing health care system or law; 

6. Patients thoroughly enjoy the sessions and the results are evident within all aspects of health – mind, body, and spirit; 

7. This is the most integrative, innovative, and comprehensive personal development system ever created. Whether you learn it or experience – your life will never be the same.

Main Premises of the BodyTalk System

The body is a very complex ecosystem involving a delicate balance between physiological and biochemical functions; emotional and mental interactions; environmental influences, hereditary and genetic restrictions; and the need to synchronize all these factors into a cohesive whole.

Until now the majority of health care systems have tended to take a Cartesian approach and have focused on isolated parts of the bodymind equation.  

Modern Medicine has fragmented the body into small pieces where narrow specialists “take care” of the isolated parts.  As statistics shows very often one medical specialist does not know or communicate to another what medications are prescribed, or what caused the disease process of a patient. The whole picture, incorporating all the variables, has been placed in the ‘too hard’ basket.

The Body knows how to heal itself

The BodyTalk System recognizes that within each and every one of us there lies the innate knowing of who we are and what makes us heal. This innate wisdom carries the answer to our health care dilemma. The BodyTalk System facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the body by using neuromuscular biofeedback. This feedback provides the practitioner with the information necessary to balance the body. This way, the BodyTalk practitioner is able to go beyond the limitations of the left brain diagnosis that is only an “educated guess”. The BodyTalk practitioner relies on the innate wisdom of the body to provide accurate guidelines for achieving optimum health. 

What happens in a BodyTalk Session?

1. By following a comprehensive protocol of questions, the BodyTalk practitioner can establish exactly what balancing the body needs in order to harmonize bodymind function. This involves finding out which organs, endocrines, or body parts need to be connected to heal communication between them at the physiological, biochemical, circulatory, nervous, emotional, and/or energy levels.  

2. The patient and/or practitioner touch the parts that need repair and the practitioner then uses his/her fingers to gently tap the head of the patient in order to focus the brain towards repair. At the same time the practitioner also taps the heart to communicate and implement the change to the whole bodymind through the circulatory system. This ensures that the new balance is held in deep memory and is lasting. 

BodyTalk ‘tapping’ is based on an old Hatha Yoga techniques and experiments with biofeedback apparatus that show when the tapping occurs, while specific parts are being touched, there is a major increase in brain activity in relation to those parts.


As the results of BodyTalk sessions the functions of every part of the body and mind are improved. This means that the immune system will start to eliminate chronic and acute viruses, bacteria, parasites, and toxins. Reestablishing of the mind/body balance reduces allergies, emotional and psychological disorders. It also improves posture and coordination, digestion and elimination, brain functions, learning disorders, and states of distorted consciousness in the form of negative belief systems and attitudes.  

Everyone who ever experienced BodyTalk also reports improved sense of well-being and happiness.

Maintaining Good Health with BodyTalk. Prevention Vs Emergency Medicine

In Wholistic Medicine we believe that it is better and easier to maintain good health, and focus on preventative medicine vs. attending to emergencies.

Body talk is the best known tool to provide continuous prevention and maintain good health, because the BodyTalk practitioner has tools to access the informational database of the bodymind and thus, prevent major malfunctions and accidents before they happen.

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