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Guided by Spiritual Philosophy of Wholeness we want to help you find health and healing.

Medicine of the soul is the medicine of the body

Before your Constellation Workshop: Preparation.                        To download printable version of this file please  click here

How to support yourself best after the Constellation Workshop?   To download printable version of this file please  click here

Important procedures after every day Workshop                           To download printable version of this file please  click here

Before your Constellation Workshop

To get the most out of your Constellation workshops it is better to arrive prepared.

Try to find out some facts about your family of origin or former partners of your parents: 

Did you or anyone in your family:

Note: Abortions and in some cases miscarriages affect the couple's or parents' relationship, and may or may not have an impact on the other children. Children should not inquire about an abortion or miscarriage, honoring it as part of the dignity and privacy of the parent's relationship. A stillborn child, however, is considered a sibling and children do better to  know about it.

Note: Children should inquire about former partners only if they were a spouse or fiancé. Other kinds of relationships may be known about from family "stories" but are a part of the parents' privacy. However, children do better to know about children from any former relationship.

Note: Children should not inquire about war crimes, but it may be known as part of the family lore.

Note: If you don’t know much about your family of origin, either of your parents, or you were adopted the Constellation work can shed light on many things for you.

If you were not able to find anything out – don’t worry, as we your facilitator has the tools do perfect constellations with hardly any information at all.

How to support yourself best after the Constellation Workshop and facilitate your Healing?

The Soul Moves Slowly

Now, that you have done this amazing work for yourself and your entire family and planted the new healing seeds, it is important to help them grow. You have received new insights and healing images in the soul’s unique language. This has a deep impact and can give your life a new direction. To allow for the healing to be integrated on all levels we need to give these new seeds a respectful space to grow on their own time.

We constantly feel that we all are “on a time element”, and there is no time to wait, as we can miss on something in our fast-paced reality. It is ironic, how our orientation towards instant results, our impatience, and our neurotic need to control everything postpones these very results. It happens because our own disruptive energy interferes with the natural flow of things. Our soul is not a machine that turns on and off, and “changes broken parts” to new ones. It has its own ways to digest and assimilate what touches it. Thoughts are quick; the soul moves slowly. On a soul level, we are deeply connected with all the members of our family system, living and dead. The healing effects of the work touch them all, and unfold in their own time when we let go of the need to do something. Some of these effects are immediate, and some can take years to manifest.

Letting go of Suffering

As we hold all those who belong to our family in conscious love, respecting their fates and their burdens as their own, then the childlike loyalties where love and belonging meant living the consequences of  someone else’s life will serve no further purpose. Suffering is replaced with acknowledging what is.

Subconscious Resistance and holding the new Image in Light

You may, along the way, encounter resistance in the form of thoughts or fears. Just recall the relief you felt deep inside you, when a solution was found or a new image came to light. The soul now holds this new image and will assimilate it over time in the most beneficial way. Any attempt to influence the process by talking, thinking, analyzing, or researching it is completely unnecessary. Trust that you will move forward. The process will keep unfolding over months and years.

Lasting Effects of your Constellation

Entanglements in the family system lay hidden in a deep layer of our unconscious mind that developed very early, much earlier before we had any words or concepts. That is why this unconscious layer is inaccessible to our thinking. A family constellation brings a change in this deep layer, and the change itself is usually also inaccessible to our thinking. That's why I often hear from people who did a constellation: I don't fully understand what happened in the constellation, but I do feel relieved. Something is different now, something has changed.

The only thing you need to do after a constellation is to stay alert for such changes and trust that they are real and lasting.

The lasting effect of a constellation is different from the feeling of liberation you experience immediately. In fact, this deeper effect is not something you feel; instead after some time you begin to notice changes in your life. Sometimes it is only after several months that you begin to notice it. Something that used to bother you has not bothered you for months now, and suddenly you realize this. A recurrent familiar feeling of powerlessness, blockage, or sudden loss of energy has not come back either.

Important Procedures after every day Workshop

1.      Clearing Energy
     a)      lie down on the floor, ground, and intend to let all the energy that all the energy that’s not yours drain into the earth;
     b)      meditate or pray (whichever is your way of calming and clearing the mind);     
     c)      take a hot bath with a few cups of sea (or Epsom) salts and 2/3 of a cup of baking soda.; 
          Spend at least 20 min there. Make sure you wash your hair, as it holds the most energy;Spend at least 20 min there.    

              Make sure you wash your hair, as it holds the most energy;
     d)      eat well–cooked grounding foods, like warm soups, root vegetables, cooked grains with vegetables, and good proteins;
  e)      avoid alcohol for at least a few days.

2.      Allow the Contraction

Be prepared for contraction after expansion. You might not want to plan any parties or social functions during this weekend or 

the following Monday.

It is advisable to plan a day off on the Monday following your workshop. Contraction phase is necessary to integrate your experiences. Please know that as you process your experiences you might feel a bit depressed, but that shall pass soon if you will give it a respectful space. Full integration will happen over a few months, and sometimes years. 

3.       “Unfinished” or “Unresolved” Constellations

If you were one of the people that had the “unfinished” or seemingly “unresolved constellation” please do not feel disappointed. Trust the wisdom of your family soul that has generated as much movement as possible at this time. Sometimes the hardest thing is to open the door if it is really “stuck”, and walking through it could be an easier step.
Trust that the movement will continue from there. 

4.       What Helps

a)       avoid telling both your new and old story; 
      b)       do not discuss details of your constellation with anyone. You can mention it in very general terms, preferably after some

            It is Ok to share the shifts and healing effects occurring;
      c)       book an appointment for a good deep tissue massage to release the energy blocks from the connective tissues that holds

      a lot of memories.
            Also   book an energy medicine session to deeper integrate the shifts; 
      d)      even if you did not have your constellation done at the workshop you are shifting a lot through others.
            Please support yourself as if it was your own constellation;
      e)       participate in more constellations for others and yourself and support the workshops to keep your heart open to the flow of

      love and healing;
      f)       spread the word about this work to your friends and family without mentioning details of your constellation.
            Tell them how you felt, and how you feel now;
      g)       call or e-mail me if you feel I could support you, or if something bothers you after a constellation.

Thank you for coming, and get in tune with the movements of your family soul. 

Once your ears and eyes are open to change healing becomes more conscious and graceful experience.