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Guided by Spiritual Philosophy of Wholeness we want to help you find health and healing.

Medicine of the soul is the medicine of the body

Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                What happens during a Constellation?

During a constellation an individual wishing to work on an issue that affects their life (career, relationships, money, health, etc.) chooses representatives for various members of his/her family from the circle of participants at the workshop. S/he positions the chosen representatives spatially in a way that feels right.

By asking questions, making observations, and repositioning the representatives, the facilitator and a client come to see the situation in a new way and create a resolution picture that can enable the client to break his/her identification with the ancestor's difficult fate that reflects upon their life.


Why Participate?

Constellation workshops are done for personal, professional, and organizational problems. You will spend two and a half days in the sacred temple of your family soul where all flows beyond words in a timeless space carried by living, pulsating, very real flow of love. You came from this love even if you think you were a “mistake” or an “accident”. The love and loyalty in family systems are so strong that they stay alive even after physical bodies dissolve. Often times it means that we can unconsciously undertake the destiny that is not ours while limiting our own life experiences to only those that are “programmed” in our family systems. This defines our relationships with money, others, and ourselves. It also includes physical and mental disease that repeats in a family.

By participating in this workshop you will have a unique opportunity to have a direct experience of the truth of old events and a timeless reality in which it unfolds. It is through this direct experience that we can know that there must be another bigger reality. This reality that exists beyond all our human confusion, all our sad, angry, or at times really traumatic stories the higher love and higher intelligence keep flowing and unfolding in one big creative act. 

As you experience this we guarantee, that you will never be able to look at your life and family the same way.

One person at a time, one family at a time, - we all as humanity are moving towards the knowingness about who we truly are and our unlimited potential.

How do Representatives “know” what they know?

A remarkable thing happens when one sets up a representative for family members or ancestors. The representative begins to sense things on all levels of awareness, physical, emotional and mental, that are similar to what this family member may have felt. Some representatives suddenly become aware of situations and events that happened in the life of the family member. It is as though they have become antennae, receiving information from a “family soul” . This phenomenon of “knowing” without having any information is explained by the theory of “morphogenic fields” that act as a storage of all information. 
(Please refer to a world renown English biochemist Doctor Rupert Sheldrake. 

Also please refer to the newest scientific research  by Dr. James Oshman, PhD; Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, and their research in Quantum Mechanics, Physics, and Holographic/Morphogenic organizational structure of the Universe.)

Rupert Sheldrake - Morphic Fields and Cosmic Consciousness 

Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations

Rupert Sheldrake - The Morphogenetic Universe

Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary

Is Constellation similar to Psychodrama Therapy?

No, this is a different process based on different principles. In constellation work we are able to look at entire cultural matrix (the culture an individual came from) as well as achieve deep healing of trans-generational trauma reaching as far as 7 or even more generations before us. 

What do I achieve during a Constellation?

The unresolved trauma, cultural conditioning, and genetic programming define the happiness and health of our children and shape out our individual destinies. 

On the top of healing our own problem/challenge by doing a constellation session we achieve healing of at least 7 generations before us and 7 generations to come after us. This is truly a life changing, profound, enlightening, and very healing experience that goes very deep, far beyond our personal life experiences and childhood trauma that are attempted to be addressed through regular psychotherapy.

Whether you are an active participant or a participant, or even a guest during this workshop you will receive at least 8 to 10 healing sessions on you and your family system. 

Are Representatives “playing roles”?

No, representatives are not ” role playing” some script as it might look. It is important that those persons serving as representatives get "out of their heads" and "into their bodies" while they allow themselves to enter a realm of direct experiences.

Can anyone be a Representative?

Absolutely. As long as you can see and feel you can be a representative. No training or previous experience is required; anyone can do it. This workshop is also a great intuition training tool as well as learning to live in the “now” tool.

Can anyone be a Facilitator?

With proper training and credential - yes. As natural and easy as this work might appear to you as you stand in a constellation you would not want to "play" with your ancestral field or take this work lightly. On the top of present entanglements that exist in your family system the last thing you want - is to create more.

Is one Constellation enough to resolve and Issue?

Normally yes. For complex entangled issues follow up constellations could be recommended. We advise you to monitor your own progress. It is not recommended to do another constellation on the same issue sooner then 3 months unless we work on another parent’s side of your family of origin.

Does the Person who has the Issue have to come to a Constellation?

If a child is under 16 a concerned parent can have a constellation done for them. The child does not need to be present during the constellation. 

If a child or a family member is over 16 they need to be present in person or give a written permission to have a constellation done for them.

How can I be sure my Privacy is respected?

All workshop content and information revealed during sessions is strictly confidential, and all participants are bound by Confidentiality Agreement. 
Please rest assured that neither you nor any of you family members would ever be disrespected or judged in any way.
We also honor family secrets, and find indirect way of working with them if needed.