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Guided by Spiritual Philosophy of Wholeness we want to help you find health and healing.

Medicine of the soul is the medicine of the body


Levels of Participation in a Family Constellation Workshop 

As an active participant (looking for direct resolution) you will have a constellation done for you on a specific challenge, question, or issue. This is direct work on your family system where we access and heal systemic (genetic) roots to your challenge or problem including relationships, money, general health, emotional well-being, etc.

As a participant (looking for indirect resolution) you do active but indirect healing on your own family system as you participate in other people's constellations. It utilizes less direct channels of influencing your family system, and this way magically opens the “back door” bypassing your own defense mechanisms and/or subconscious resistance. This also stands for other members of your family that might not be ready for a direct resolution yet but share your problem. 

Being a participant is a special gift and an honor because it allows you to serve others, get a perspective on your problems, as well as touch some otherwise painful or sensitive issues in your own family in a gentle, respectful, yet indirect way. Sometimes being a participant is also better if it is too painful to look at your issues directly.

A remarkable thing happens when one sets up a representative for family members and ancestors. The representative begins to sense things on all levels of his/her awareness, physical, emotional, and mental, that are similar to what this family member may have felt. Some representatives suddenly know situations and events that happened in the life of the family member.

Healing always happens by resonance, so whatever you will do for others as a participant will clear things for you. 

As a guest you are an observer even though you still experience energy shifts, healing by resonance, and assimilate many teachings that come from both facilitator and constellations. You are in a supporting role, yet you are a part of everything that happens. You will receive deep healing for issues that you will resonate with in your life and in your family system.

This is a very experiential work, so if you have never done it before you might choose to come as a guest first. If during the seminar you will change your mind and choose to be a participant, or an active participant, and we will have time - we might upgrade your status.

During this workshop in either of the above capacity you will receive at least 10 healing sessions on you and your family system whether directly or indirectly.

 This is a truly life altering experience because it fully shifts your perspective on your life as well as the lives of your family members. This direct experience bypasses your intellect while engaging all your senses in the flow of timeless truth of what was, is, and this way, clearing the way to what could be.

  NOTE: All workshop content and information revealed during the sessions is strictly confidential, and all participants are bound by confidentiality agreement.
Please rest assured that neither you nor any of your family members would ever be disrespected or judged in any way.
We also honor family secrets and find indirect way of working with them if needed.