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Medicine of the soul is the medicine of the body


I am forever grateful for the experience I had in Costa Rica with Olga and our group doing the family constellation retreat. It was a time of self reflection and personal growth that I very much needed. Through Olga’s facilitation, my old belief systems were challenged and I emerged a more balanced, happy person. I strongly recommend anyone to experience this truly unique opportunity for themselves.


Thank you again for all your support that you gave me. I was very happy that I was able to have the natural birth that I desired. I know that my trip to Costa Rica last year helped bring this precious soul into my life and I am so grateful for that and all the other positive changes I have seen in my life in the past year. I have tremendous gratitude for you, Serge and Marnie and all the other participants to thank for that.


“Dear Olga, the gift you share has no words, no time, and no limits. I feel it is something that all can benefit and learn from. I really feel so honored and blessed to be a part of this great healing experience. I think healing with Constellations is the deepest healing possible for all of us.

I now look forward to a brighter future for myself and my children. I see how much meaning and love truly comes from us living in our essence, without judgment. 

I now  have experienced that all can be healed and transcended from this place.  

I thank you  so much.”

Kristyn H., 34

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my incredible Family Constellation Workshop experience.  It has been one month since I was an active participant in your workshop and I feel so wonderful and balanced, probably for the first time in my life.  It was amazing to get some clarity and resolution on issues that had plagued me my entire life. 

I never imagined that it was possible to feel the relief or hope that I am experiencing today.  I truly thought that I had to live withal this, as it could not have been dealt with. 

It is with the upmost respect and appreciation that I can truly say that you have changed my life in the most incredible way.  I look forward to continuing my healing journey and looking forward to experience more peace that comes with it. 

I would recommend this healing workshop and experience to anyone who feels that they need help with removing obstacles and stress in their life.  It is truly a life changing experience.Thank you!”

Marnie S., 32.

I wanted to share my soul with you after I attended the first class as a guest and then Olga invited   me to be a full participant. I had a lot of doubt attending and then I asked myself a question: “what if it will be a pick moment to end pain, poverty, despair, stress, tragedies, what else do I have to loose in 22 years of circumstances that lead to a very crying and bitter results?” And I did attended classes in December of 2011 and found my life to be turned 360%.

Out of 22 years I’ve spent 12 years sleeping and waking up only when I had to go to work. I don’t remember how I was taken showers and dressing up. Than driving to work, but I had no funds to live on and my children were taken away from me. I had a joy to look after then, even my son is severe quadriplegic in the wheel chair, he was my main force to get out of the bed. I took various workshops and classes to get better and nothing was happening to me. I was emotionally and physically sick. I went to the doctors and they told me that “nothing is wrong; I am just gaining weight crazy”. I’ve stopped going to the doctors and realized that they couldn’t help me. I couldn’t do any tasks at home, I was weak, lifeless and didn’t wish to be alive to the next morning….I was literally asking God to take my life and never wake up.

Turning point began after three days of constellation classes. I began gaining strength in my body; my interest to life began to wake up. I reunited with children. I’ve noticed that I didn’t pay any attention to small details in life anymore; I was so focused and relaxed that I couldn’t recognize myself. I finally began cleaning piles of papers, my apartment and began buying new clothes because my previously  huge swollen body began taking nicer female shape. People around me were giving me compliments on my simile that I forgotten hot to do it because my life was sos sad and grey that I felt like something was drowning me to the end.

If any of you ever hesitating  to take constellation classes or not (?), I suggest you “do not even think about it”,  just jump in and be present. I only regret that i din’t know about them 22 years ago; I killed precious years of my life and took other workshops that never worked and were nothing but waste of time and money. Olga and Sergei guide you with such TLC and all participants are so tuned in to bring the best out of you; it feels like being surrounded by loving family. Go and take on your Life!!

Thank you All!!"

Anna, 34 

Testimonial from one of the Workshop coordinators that was also a participant of a workshop for over a year.

“This is one week after our Constellation workshop now. As I have lived through my shocking and unexpected experience for the past week I am ready to share it with  you.
I can not find the words of gratitude to all of you for allowing me to stand in your Family Fields, and be a channel of healing light for your ancestors. I always am waiting for these workshops as a very special time Olga and I share with you while you invite us as guests to the most sacred place in your homes,- the place where you “hold” all your family pictures.

As I organize your workshops I feel extra blessings to be able to also participate in all of them. I know, that as I stand in your Ancestral Fields with love, respect, and an open heart, as I offer myself as a channel of healing light I always bring a lot of healing to my own family system.

As myself and Olga came home from this last workshop on Sunday evening I opened my e-mail to see that I have received an e-mail from my younger brother AFTER MORE THAN 17 YEARS of silence and complete disconnect in our family after certain events. He wrote to me as if these years never separated us!
This is still hard for me to believe. Finally, the ice have shifted in my family too! I have my little brother back, and so does my family!
Family Constellation work is truly amazing! I want to speak to those of you who still are waiting for their resolutions, solutions, and healing,- do not EVER loose hope: things and people DO shift! With this amazing work we truly make miracles available to us.

Thank you Olga, and everybody again from the bottom of my heart for bringing healing to my family.”

Serge Levin, Calgary

“This work is quite amazing!  On my side, I can say that my relationship with my "little" brother who has a bipolar disorder amongst other emotional problems has greatly improved after my constellation. I also feel different in many ways, and especially much more “grounded” in my life and in my body.

I just got back from Europe, and there I met with an old family friend who is a psychiatrist.
I mentioned Family Constellations to him. To my great surprise, he said that, yes, he's familiar with this, and they implement it there, too, as a part of therapy.  This is great!”

Jennifer H., 32 

 “After my constellation done by Olga almost 7 months ago I have found out lately that my Mom has been shifting a whole lot. To me this very unexpected and delightful! I have to thank for that. I was blessed the day our common friend recommended you, Olga.”

Rita C., 56

 “Dear Olga,
Thank you so much for having me at your Constellation workshop.
Despite that I lived though some unfortunate  experiences in my life, I am very lucky to be able to start my healing now. 

Interestingly enough, that after participation in a group, I felt dizzy for a while and than I felt a physical change on my right side of the body that was shifting – it was thrilling experience.  I wasn’t worried though about it, because I trust you Olga. You are an outstanding teacher. 

Yesterday I had another milestone, first time in 12 years I was able to function from morning till night. I usually was coming home and crushing into bed to survive next day because my energy was so low….but yesterday I cleaned my house, did laundry, looked at some bills – which before I could care less for if it’s done or not. For a long time my body has been needing a 12 hour of sleep…

Dear Olga, I am so blessed and lucky that I met  you, I am so thrilled with changes that are happening to me and to my life.
I think you are the most outstanding person / teacher / healer / conductor of human’s lives in helping people to go back to normal life- as it was before - no matter what…tragedies or illnesses…you don’t give up until you find the right answer or the perfect key to fit.

Once again, thanks a million – I am spreading a word about you, Olga, and Pathway Medicine Clinic.”

Anna, 43

“Thank you from all my heart for the work that you do, Olga. It truly was a life changing event, and I'm still experiencing insights from it everyday.

I just know in my heart that what you did is bigger then I can comprehend now. Each time I close my eyes, I still see the group in our oval circle.  What a special group that all came together there with your wonderful knowledge and guidance.  I feel loved and supported in a new and inexpressible way. I no longer feel alone, as I feel my ancestors supporting me every step of the way.  

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.  I hope to attend future workshops.  

You are a special lady, with special gifts.”  

Shirley H., 68 

“Thank you so much for the healing weekend. I am so grateful and feel so at ease with myself. This is such a new and wonderful feeling for me! For the first time in my life I also feel a sense of calm and belonging. There are no words enough to say how thankful I feel. Many things in my life make sense to me now, as I see them in a different light. I feel connected to the flow of energy and people around me”.

Natalie H., 31 

 “Thank you for the fantastic constellation weekend.  It was awesome!
Today I had a big smile on my face from the heart for the first time in a long time.”
Thank you! I am definitely coming next time”.

Michelle M, 52 

 “ I feel like I am in a dream…or was it that I was in a dream state all my life, and I suddenly woke up? I am still digesting everything. It is amazing how little we know about what drives us in life, why we do what we do, why do we get what we get, and why do we not get what we want!?

A lot of love energy is still moving through my heart...

I finally was able to accept and understand my mom - it is very big for me!!! Mom, I love you, and I am ready to let go and live my life now.

Thank you for your wisdom and kindness, Olga”.

Inna V., 45  

  ” I still feel “butterflies of change” in my stomach. Here are the changes I have experienced since workshop:
- more energy, as if a burden has been lifted;
- love and understanding for my brother;

- I had some understanding for my mother (some kind of love, I guess). Now I truly feel her presence and support, as if she is behind me, - that's a big change!
- overall better mood, less complaining, more positive outlook;
- less worried about what others may think/say;

- more courage to say what I want, to  "stand up" for myself, to say "no", i.e overall more self-confident and courageous;
- better listener, giving compliments to people;
- stopped saying bad things about my mother & brother;
- actually feel support from my ancestors, feeling of belonging;
- people tell me my posture changed. I have a better posture;
- my fibroids in uterus seem to diminish, and one of them went away.  

All these changes are very real to me, and noticeable, and certainly very important. 
I wish I could have done something like this long, long ago. Perhaps my life and my brother's life  would have been different…But, better later than never.

I think having a constellation done is very, very important for everyone, and especially for those people who have children. We owe it to them to clear the road to their happiness.
The whole workshop was certainly an unforgettable experience, for all of us who participated. On some level, in 3 days we got closer to each other than we are to some people we interact with much, much longer. It was a true celebration for my soul. ”

Jadranka H., 56

 “I want to thank Olga for an amazing workshop around family constellations. This is very intense yet very loving work.

I have done a lot of energy healing with Olga over the years and cleared a lot of illnesses and issues in my world. However, this weekend was like a few years worth of sessions. I saw many changes in my life almost immediately and healed a strained relationship with my father very fast. The group was a safe environment filled with a lot of love.  

I would highly recommend anyone who feels stuck in any area of their life take this journey. It is NOTHING what you will expect but it is so worth it. THANK YOU OLGA from my heart for all the healing and love you bring to this world. I can not wait to take another one and continue this journey called life! What a beautiful celebration of life and love this workshop is! ”

Tracy B., 40  

”I have tried many healing modalities over the years, but none has come close to the profound results that come from Family Constellation Work. With very little understanding of what I was entering into, I experienced a remarkable and unforgettable workshop that uncovered and healed deep underlying relationship patterns that were not supporting me. Through Olga’s amazing facilitation, the Family Constellation Workshop clearly showed me the causes of the resulting relationship problems I was experiencing in my life.

The significant changes that occurred shortly after the workshop were remarkable and life changing. The relationship I now have with myself as well as my new partner is a direct result of the Family Constellation Work, this work has directly resulted in the healing of my old relationship pattern.

This work runs so deep and is so transformational that words can’t describe it. The family Constellation works not only on a personal level but also at a deep family generational level, allowing significant changes throughout ones whole family.

I can highly recommend this work if you choose to encounter permanent life-changing results, not only for yourself but for your whole family.” 

Daniel W., 45 

“ I had a constellation done on my nephew by Olga when he ended up in a coma after a car accident. The doctors examined his brain and said that chances are slim he would ever come out of it. In case he would, they said, he would never be normal, talk or walk, and will remain in a “vegetable” state. The CT- scan showed severe brain damage. Olga was doing distance healing work on him right after the accident that allowed to support and restore his brain function.

10 days after the accident Olga did a constellation, and a miracle happened. I remember, that it was Wednesday when a constellation was done, as on Friday he was supposed to be permanently moved to a long term care facility for people in coma. On Thursday he came out of coma, opened his eyes, and talked to the nurse! The doctors could not believe in this. He was on tube feeding for only a few days, and than started eating on his own. He is now eating, talking, and walking while a team of professionals keeps working on his rehabilitation. The only thing that did not restore yet is that he can not express his emotions on his face.

 As it also turned out this event kept repeating from generation to generation in our family where a male child would die untimely, and no one could understand why. (some of it we knew, and some we did not).  

The constellation not only revealed the reason for this repetitive pattern, but also untangled it, and brought about deep healing for all people involved and all generations.  

Thank you Olga from the bottom of my heart for this miraculous work! Your wisdom, gentleness, and love melt the ice and make the walls go down…

Thank you from me, my brother, my family, my children, and the children of this family that are not even born yet. It’s over now. I feel we all are free now, and so are our children!!!” 

Stanley G., 37