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You Grow from a Tree...Your family Tree


Have you ever felt, that no matter how hard you worked on some health or general life challenges (relationships, money, career, etc.) the old patterns continue repeating over and over again? 

Have you felt like you have been going in circles?

If yes, the information below might give you some insights.



You came into this world because of the love of your ancestors. Their love flows inside of you as does their strength. 

However, in your blood you also carry their feelings, thoughts, unhealed trauma, and secrets that they might have taken to the grave. Energy cannot be destroyed or created. It means that these feelings, thoughts and traumas are running in you in a form of unconscious programs that form your perceptions and behaviors.

If you do not “cleanup” these programs it will be affecting your life and your health, as well as the lives of your children.

The good news are, that you are reading this now. May be you are ready to begin... 



* Do you live your life to your fullest potential?

* Why Family Constellations?

* Why past is important?

* The Workshop  

* What burdens us and stops us from living our lives fully?

* Truth about life: A tree grows from the roots 

* How to go through Change with Grace: Growing out of the Comfort Zone

* The Origins of Family Constellation

Your Facilitator

Workshop Pricing and your Investment


        Reclaim your Identity, Liberate yourself, and Heal your Life 


Do you live your life to your fullest potential?

You might be thinking you live your life fully now, or at least do your best. Think again…do you ever feel that no matter how much you wrestle with an issue nothing seems to change? Recurring patterns echo in your personal and professional relationships. What about these stubborn, recurring patterns that keep showing up in our relationships with money, others, and with ourselves? No matter how much of the “positive thinking” we do or how many self-help books we read,- some things keep coming back…

If you are ready to start living your life beyond your family “programs” that keep running at the back of your unconscious mind, - join us for this unforgettable and life changing experience. Come and experience how constellations can resolve conflicts, uncover and heal old stubborn issues, and transform repetitive patterns that seem to surface in our lives.

Constellations uncover and explore in depth how the dysfunctional belief systems that run our lives were originated.

Cross-generational entanglements explain why some tragedies, diseases, or patterns are repeated again and again in each generation. 


Why Family Constellations?

Constellations are based on the idea that instead of originating in an individual‘s life’s history, dysfunction and suffering often relate to painful events in the family‘s past. We often achieve only so much in our healing because the dysfunctional energies circulating in our families can interfere. It has been estimated that approximately 76% of the issues we face may have a systemic factor in their origin. We all have a family from which we descend and to which we are connected by unbreakable bonds. The family system affects our perception and actions, our relationships, our health and our path in life. It also entangles us on a deep unconscious level to the pain and the fate of our ancestors. An unconscious love and loyalty to our family system can cause us to carry on the fate, unspoken secrets, hurts, and unresolved traumas of previous generations. If not resolved, these issues   entangle our children, our grandchildren, and us until cleared. They are at the root of many of our reoccurring issues of both physical and emotional nature as well as perpetual cycles of disconnection in families.

Constellations provide an opportunity to address on a new and deeper level: anxiety, depression, addictions, unresolved childhood trauma or pain, infertility, persistent physical health problems, relationship problems, money problems, business, career, and much, much more.

The harmonizing effect of this work will bring balance not only to the participants of the workshop, but to their descendants and ancestors as well.

Why Past is Important? 

Events such as the premature death of a parent or sibling, the exclusion of a family member, a murder of or by a family member, or victimization of others by a family member can all lead to "entanglements" which disturb one's life and relationships. Severe consequences may result, such as feelings of isolation, depression, mental and physical illness, accidents, financial or relationship issues and even suicidal thoughts or attempts. 

At any point in a family system a disconnection or separation creates an energy blockage that does not allow the energy to flow freely from one generation to the next.  The family constellation not only allows the disconnection to become visible, but also it is a vehicle through which the reconnection of the family members can take place.

An example of how distant past affects us would be if a family member is ostracized even a few generations ago, another family member might marry a “substitute” for the excluded person and be chronically unhappy in all their relationships as they identify with the missing family member. If a missing person is not energetically connected back into a family system new family members can lose part of their identity, have difficulty making money, or even get violently ill. A new family member may unconsciously express the lost identity of an excluded ancestor.

Systemic family law follows the general universal law of energy that cannot be ever destroyed or created. This way dysfunctional energies keep resurfacing in family systems with every new generation to come till someone shifts it.


The Workshop 

Constellation workshops are done for personal, professional, and organizational problems. With Constellations you can work on virtually anything including relationships, career, and life purpose.

The Constellation Workshop is conducted over two consecutive weekends and consists of two parts: Constellations Quest and Constellations Intensive. The first part explores Constellations as a unique approach to healing and helps determine the nature and origin of the issue that blocks the flow of energy whether in practical, emotional, or health aspects of life. In this workshop we will be focusing on shorter constellations where all participants could explore multiple dimensions of their family past and get answers and insights into the very root of their present problems. 

Who can Participate in Constellations Quest? 1. Those that have never done Constellations. 2. Those that have participated in previous workshops and have already benefited from this type of healing work, but at this time might need an immediate insight into a specific situation: money, career change and choice, relationship challenges and choices, previously unexplored health or emotional concern, purchase of a house, opening a business, relocating, etc. They may also be seeking an answer to any specific question in general. 3. Guests are welcome to this workshop.

Who can Participate in Constellations Intensive? The second part of the workshop, Constellations Intensive, takes all participants deeper into the root of the problem while healing the pattern in ancestral field in search of truth and resolution. We invite those advised by your facilitator after Constellations Quest to take an issue to a deeper level, or those that have done some healing work on this specific issue before. Your facilitator will guide you and direct you, as not always would you or your ancestral filed be ready for a longer constellation, or it might be possible or necessary at this particular moment in time. Some complex fields and issues require time and preparation in the heart of a seeker (participant) to be be fully ready to resolve and shift.

This workshop in nothing like you have ever experienced before. It is truly profound, enlightening, and very healing experience. This work goes very deep, and far beyond our personal life experiences and childhood trauma that we attempt to address through Western psychotherapy. 

Welcome to the Family Constellations, the magical and transformational walk with your Family Soul towards reclaiming your life and your freedom! 

Note: Those that will be taking both levels of the workshop during the consecutive weekends are entitled for a considerable discount in price. Please check our prices here. This is our way to support you to go all the way and seek answers that will help you transform your life.

What Burdens us and stops us from living our Lives fully?

The following kinds of events in families might burden children in later generations, because depending on the way they were dealt with, they might lead to disruptions in the orders of the family system:

    * Miscarriages, abortion, illness, psychotic problems, early death.

    * Disappearance, denial, exclusion or detention of family members.

    * Ill-treatment, crimes, violence, alcohol and drug abuse.

    * Incest, sexual abuse, problems around sexual preferences.

    * Fraud, betrayal, exploitation and suppression.

    * Broken love relationships, divorces and other separations.

    * Life or means of existence have been obtained at the cost of others.

    * The parents who raised the child are not the biological parents.

    * War traumas, crimes of war.

 When you are ready to do your Family Constellation information about such events in your family will be important.


Truth about Life: A Tree grows from the Roots 

The popular and expanding New Age culture promotes "spiritually colored" positive thinking as a means to MANIFEST MORE of material, transient things, or have more power over others.

We all are stuck in our heads, endless mind chatter, and thought processes. We buy into the “sweetness” and seeming easiness of the “spiritual materialism” promoted by the large and rapidly growing personal development industry. It promises to teach us how to “attract” wealth, money, etc. 

Here is a very simple yet deep sacred truth about life: nothing can ever “manifest” in our lives if we do not heal the very roots we grow from. We need to honor, heal, and clean if needed, the very roots our family tree feeds of. There could be no lasting or truly deep healing without it.

How to go through Change with Grace: Growing out of the Comfort Zone

In life, as we are ready to leave our comfort zone, the familiar,- not only are we scared, but we are also stuck as we try to move ahead. Why is this happening? Transitions are difficult.

Well, think of it this way: for the tree to grow new branches (growing further and upward) it has to first grow stronger, larger roots (growing deeper down). "Growing up", becoming more mature and fulfilled person means growing deeper within yourself,- that's where your roots are. As the tree grows, the roots are growing deeper and deeper. It also means, that in times of transitions we  can "activate old files" from our genetic pool, or stumble upon old "ancestral taboos". These could stop you from: marrying for love (arranged marriages in family systems); building a career (prohibition for women to have one); making money and/or opening a new business (ancestral memories of  everything you made being taken away), etc. These might all become the road blocks on your way to happiness, fulfillment, and finding joy in life.


The Origins of Family Constellations

The "Family Constellation" process is a trans-generational, phenomenological, therapeutic intervention with roots in family systems therapy, existential-phenomenology, and the ancestor reverence of the South African Zulus. Although the Family Constellation process is sanctioned by Family Therapy Associations in Europe and is being integrated by thousand of licensed practitioners worldwide, the work is still very young in  North America. 

Who is Bert Hellinger? 

Bert Hellinger, one of the main developers of constellation work, is considered by many to be  Europe 's most innovative   psychotherapist. Described as the ultimate empiricist, Hellinger acknowledges several important influences on his life and work: his parents, whose faith immunized him against accepting Hitler's National Socialism; his 20 years as a priest, particularly as a missionary to the Zulu; and his participation in interracial, ecumenical training in group dynamics led by Anglican clergy. 

After leaving the priesthood, he studied psychoanalysis, and eventually developed an interest in Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis. It was in Hellinger's later training in family therapy that he first encountered the family constellations that have become the hallmark of his therapeutic work-an approach to which he has added new levels of meaning and possibility. 


Your Facilitator

(Ask for Credentials of your Facilitator)

Constellation work needs to be done by a professional trained facilitator that knows how to work with morphogenetic fields (family informational fields), uncovers hidden dynamics, and modifies them in ways that foster healing, and helps return the family system and its members to the natural order.

There is no certification board for this kind of work in  North America yet, so it is important to ask where your facilitator has received his/her training. 

Coming from more than 27 years of working in the area of Healing Arts. Olga has been trained both in Europe and  USA  with many brilliant facilitators. She also studied with North American shamans some of whom have successfully assimilated this work. Olga takes more phenomenological and less structural approach that allows her to go deeper into the issue while addressing multiple time frames and many generations in one constellation. Guided by her gift of a medical intuitive Olga is able to get right to the core of the problem. 

Olga approaches this work with an open heart. Her gentleness, understanding, and deep respect towards the natural orders and forces that work in family systems makes her an outstanding facilitator. Her unique style, soul wisdom, gentleness, and love are a great source of healing to the participants of workshops.

Workshop Pricing and your Investment

If you are ready to do your in-depth detailed Constellation in a Constellation Intensive format, and have an agreement about it with your facilitator you might pursue Active Participant status. Your investment: $520.00

If you are coming to explore and heal multiple dimensions of your own and your family's healing as well as address multiple blockages at the same time we invite you to join as a Participant for one or both parts of the workshop.
If you are registering for Constellation Quest only, your investment is $380.00.
If you are registering for Constellation Intensive only, your investment is $350.00.
Please keep in mind, that Constellations Quest is designed to be a prerequisite to Constellations Intensive for the first time participants.

If you are coming as an Active Participant for a Constellation Intensive and Constellations Quest your investment is $652.50. (You save $217.50)

If you are coming as a Participant to both Constellations Quest and Constellations Intensive your investment is $560.00. (You save $140.00).

Add GST to all prices.

If you have never explored this work before we encourage you to join both Constellations Quest and Constellations Intensive as a Participant and explore multiple dimensions of your problem/issue. Please bear in mind that the workshop itself is a Healing Vortex, and you will receive healing for your issue/challenge regardless of whether you will have your personal constellation done or not.
Please feel free to consult your facilitator for advise: