Our Mission: 
Healing, educating, and inspiring you to experience your life 
through wholistic vision of timeless wisdom, harmony, and beauty.

Pathway Medicine Principles of Spiritual Philosophy of Wholeness 

1. We fill ourselves with hope: this awakens Life Force in anything.
2. We reconnect ourselves with the Internal Spirit Body that holds the Innate Healing Energy.
3. We make Love the Law of our Being, and consciously choose non-violence.
4. We cultivate and nurture the Spiritual Healing Force in our bodies, attitudes, and environment.
5. We put trust in Innate Goodness of all people and all forms of life.
6. We remember at all times that our true nature is Love as well as it is the highest form of medicine.

We understand that healing is a choice, as well as a commitment to make different choices.

8. We understand that true freedom doesn’t require us to escape from life - it’s a deepening into life. We are joyfully integrating our spirituality into our materiality.
9. We are deepening and broadening our life experiences through harmoniously exercising the physical, energetic, social, emotional, cognitive-intellectual, and spiritual aspects of being.
10. We are encouraging the greater use of human potential as we experience life through our immortal spirit as opposed to being lost in the trance of everyday chores.
11. We remember at all times that the Divine has no body on earth but ours, no hands to reach out, or feet to go about doing good but ours. Ours are the eyes through which the Divine Intelligence and Compassion look out into the world.
12. We dispel illusions of separation, and celebrate life through diversity of its forms, and cultures. We live our lives from the place of united consciousness.
13. We nurture planetary ecosystems as the living body of our united consciousness.
14. We strengthen the human race through honoring and protecting our environment.
15.. We value and protect the well-being of our children pas a precious embodiment of new consciousness.
16. We nurture and protect our elderly as the living embodiment of wisdom.
17. Our journey is not to the place, it is to the person, or people. 
18. We look at life as a learning and spiritual experience rather than measuring it from a “success” vs “failure” perspective.

We measure our success not by disposable goals, but by reaching out, protecting, and caring for all forms of life in all dimensions of reality.

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