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"Dear Olga, hank you for being my guide through last year and the transformation. It's been amazing trip and I will be always thankful for all your love and compassion! You are my great inspiration and I hope that life will unfold in the best way for you and your family!"


Sabrina T.,33

Testimonial: Infertility

(Healing through BodyTalk and Family Constellations)

 A Story of Hope and Grace that resulted with a little girl named Grace

 "To those who have issues of infertility, there is hope!

My story begins about three years ago.  I was 27 years old when I was told by doctors, that given my severe endometriosis involving my ovaries, it would be very unlikely that I would be able to have children. Doctors suggested hormone injections and immediate in-vitro in order for me to have any chance at having my own child.  I was devastated, sad, worried, and very stressed.  Most days, my issues of infertility would be the majority of my thoughts. I did not want to try in-vitro; I wanted to become pregnant naturally. I found no support from the doctors involved in my care. I had really wanted to have a child, so I investigated the possibility of in-vitro. At the in-vitro clinic, they were unable to see any follicles; therefore, my chances with in-vitro were slim. I felt hopeless and thought the tears would never end. Fortunately for me, I was introduced to Olga and Body Talk.  I can’t describe the weight that was lifted off my shoulders by having someone to offer me support, encouragement, understanding, and an alternative to hormone injections and in-vitro. 

Body Talk was a non-invasive, natural way to heal my emotions and my body.

I had body talk sessions with Olga  for some time both in person and long distance. We worked to heal myself first, to make a healthy environment for a possible baby. I would be in tears coming to see Olga (usually after seeing my doctors), and after leaving my body talk session, I would have a smile on my face because I felt both mentally and physically healthier. Through body talk, Olga was able to work on healing the root causes of my infertility. Olga also worked with my husband as well.  I felt healthier in all aspects of my life.  

Olga had told my husband and I about Family Constellation work and how it would be beneficial for us.  We decided to give it a try.  Both my husband and I worked hard in the group constellations during the workshop. Olga gave my husband and I a ‘blind cappuccino’ Constellation. I was amazed, no one knew who they were representing, but it worked so that our issues were shown and worked on. One month later I was pregnant! 9 months afterwards, I delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl named Grace. I feel so grateful for meeting Olga and being introduced to body talk and her family constellation work because it gave me hope… and Grace!

Rochelle.L.,32 AB.

(Post-surgical bladder problems, emotional issues, food intolerances)

"After my hysterectomy 25 years ago I experienced severe bladder problems. When going out I always had to monitor my liquid intake. In one session Olga was able to physically change my problems for me, though surgical "repair" did not give expected results. Olga also helped me a lot with many emotional issues I was going through, and I feel so much better, and balanced. We worked a lot on my guilt issues that effected how I lived my life. My big learning also was realizing how important it is to deal with emotional issues AS THEY COME UP. I was also surprised to discover how many things that I stored in my body came from many generations before!

I found the experience with Olga fascinating and also enlightening. I felt she led me through my problems with respect, love and wealth of knowledge. She is an outstanding Healer!" 

Eileen., 54

Preparation with BodyTalk for a Surgery:

(Heart condition, prior heart surgeries, other complicating health conditions. Surgery was performed to readjust breast implants. Medical doctors had many concerns about the surgery and anesthetic)

“…Yes, I made it through the surgery and am home recovering.   The nurse in the recovery room said she has never seen anyone come out of surgery doing as well as myself. She said there was no sense making me stay in the recovery room when I could be on a comfortable bed in the hospital room. I told her I give the credit to you.  The nurses were all amazed. Thank you very much for all your help,  and preparing my body for the surgery”. 

Debbi M., 55

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2010 and worked with Olga through surgery and radiation... 


"Olga set a Body Talk “program” for surgery, which greatly helped the day of surgery with my fear around the procedure. I went in for subsequent sessions and I healed without any complications from the lumpectomy.


I followed with radiation therapy and the oncologist was surprised at the complete internal healing revealed on the CAT scan. I worked closely with Olga during my radiation treatments to offset the negative effects. With Body Talk, proper nutrition and visualization, my breast skin did not burn at all and the effects of the radiotherapy were nominal. It is October and my scar and breast tissue have healed very well and I am feeling good". 

Wanda, H., 52. 

(overall balancing, hormonal imbalances, digestion, headaches)

"I have been seeing Olga as a practitioner for about a year. The reason I went to her see her in the first place was because I was disillusioned by our medical industry where my doctor would attempt to give me prescription drugs for non-threatening ailments. When I first started seeing Olga I was unfamiliar of her methods, but it became apparent to me after just seeing her one time that what she does simply works! I highly recommend her as a healer – she’s is extremely knowledgeable and gifted. I now continue with gratitude for the fact that I have the opportunity to have her work with me to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul". 

Tanya, 51

(multiple motorcycle accidents, mis-alligned hips, neck, spinal problems, multiple heart surgeries) 

“…Hello Olga,

I can`t tell you how good my back feels since our healing session on Wed! That area directly between the shoulder blades is still tingling & itching today, which suggests to me, there is energy flowing & healing still going on. It`s wonderful! Of recent I had also been experiencing  burning sensation in my heart area as well, on almost a daily basis, but since our session it has not returned.

That linking of the energy flow, between that portion of my brain and my heart , for perhaps the first time in my lifetime, under your facilitation and care Olga, has undoubtedly initiated the ability for my body to start loving itself. Subsequently that ability to love has started the process of self healing at many levels. 

Your vision Olga, of a pair of hands cradling my heart in an atmosphere of extreme loving energy... I`m sure is a major turning point in my evolution. Perhaps for me, that is a large part of healing that real sense of separation the soul has from the Source, brought about by incarnation, that the Mystics speak of?…

My hips and back are pain free for the first time in many years! The pressure & discomfort in my back & hips are gone.  Somehow they feel as if they are carrying a lighter load.…Thank you very much Olga, for this extraordinary gift. 

 Love, John.” 

J., male, 63

(very stubborn lower back pain, menopausal symptoms, anxiety attacks, deep past emotional trauma) 

" Dear angel,  

You have done a tremendous work with me. I slept like a baby, and today I was able to make a full day at my office without pain. It is now time for me to stretch a little, but really you have done a miracle.  

You are very generous and I want you to know that I appreciate that… ” 

Sabrina, 50. 

(anxiety, stress, family  problems, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders)

“…now that most of the internal health issues are taken care of  thanks to you it is time to resolve bigger issue-my path in life.  Family  was getting much better since the last treatment we had on that - so that is good news. 

I find that everything that we touch on the sessions has a tremendously  good effect on me and the subject, and its truly magic.  I've been responding very well to what we are doing…

The most important  thing of all is that I have my previous passion for getting things on the right track, and my feelings are all there - back where they belong - so I feel as my old self again.

Can’t thank you enough for this!! This is something I thought I lost for good"...

Helen, 32 

 (digestive, psychological, musculo- skeletal challenges) 

"I just realized the other day that since the treatments with you, I have not had any lasting kinks or pain in my body...and I have a sense of well-being and balance.  The hypnotherapy is amazing also...I'm so much more at peace with myself and my world...and the few relapses that I do have of anger or frustration seem now to be out of character and unnecessary.  Later on once these treatments settle in I'd like to clear up a bit more that I know it works so well...take care...God bless......

I've had trouble with my stomach for years (spasms, gas, bloating, indigestion, & acid reflux). Olga did energy balancing on me and showed me how to listen to my body so that now I no longer need pills. She helped me discover the causes of my tension, and empowered me to use my mind to help me relax. Now I digest really well and sleep better also. 

For over 20 years I've suffered with Chinook headaches that made me dizzy and nauseated and put me into negative moods. I took anaprox that bothered my stomach. Now I no longer need the pills and can get rid of headaches before they get a hold on me. 

I've had chronic neck and back pain ...went to chiropractors & for massages & acupuncture...but it still came back. Work done on me solved my problems so that now I may get a kink or a sore muscle but as I relax it goes away and I feel so much more whole and healthy.

 At times I've been bothered by negative moods of sadness & anger. Hypnotherapy has relieved that to a big extent so that I feel more at peace with myself and my world. 

I have exploratory surgery coming up soon but I'm not worried because Olga is working with me to help control my fear of choking and nausea. 

I am still a work in progress but I feel so blessed knowing that there are people out there like Olga who are gifted in alternative medicine, and who can help me to become all I can be by reintegrating my body, mind, and spirit." 

David, 63

(Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), old emotional issues, bad sleep, headaches)

“An Irritable Bowel is an unpleasant visitor in the life of a human. Especially when it gets nastier as time goes on. Traditional methods with drugs were at best mediocre for me, as they had too many side effects. Life started to look uninviting. 

Then I met with Olga whose expertise is to address the forces that are at or close to the REAL cause of the problem. With her special talents, Olga freed me of the chronic pain that consumed my life energy and left me listless for large portions of a day. 

I hope  that all those who are needlessly suffering will find Olga and work with her so they may have brighter lives. My life is certainly much, much better. To have to live with chronic pain is like driving a car with so little gasoline that you can only make it out of the driveway. The rest of the world becomes inaccessible.” 

Jonathan, 64

(severe anxiety with intestinal pain, IBS, agoraphobia, panic attacks, recent stroke, fear of driving, bone and spine problems)

(e-mail from the husband:)

 “HI Olga, L. is singing your praises now. You are such a wonder.

Her right shoulder is much- much better, she has almost full range of motion without discomfort.

L.l is experiencing less anxiety, since her session with you Olga. Yesterday she drove by herself to the North East and spent several hours shopping in Ikea amongst the usual Saturday crowd. She didn`t have any problems, and did not have to make her usual trips to the bathroom. Today, she drove herself to Super Store where she normally stays in the quieter clothing and furniture section, yet today, she found no anxiety whatsoever competing for space in the busier food isles. Remarkable! She says: "Please thank Olga for this new found freedom". Her tummy upset left shortly after your session & her sleeping is sound. She wakes up earlier and finds she has the energy to get right up & on with activities at this earlier hour, rather then sleeping in. As per the anxiety level, she can come and go now through the aisles of Superstore with the children amongst the many other shoppers and not feel a thing! Other then that trial she hasn`t been out of her home environment to give it any other tests.

L. and I think of you and talk about you often. You have made such a difference in the quality of our lives. 

Thank you again. Love from John and Loreal” 
Loreal, 67

(multiple sclerosis for 11 years, digestive disorders, lymphatic nodes chronic inflammation and enlargement, frequent urinary bladder infections)

“…I am feeling less fatigue since I started to see you.  I have always napped daily about 2 hours for two years.  Recently it is nil to 30 minutes, Thank you, your therapy is the only thing that has changed my life so much! My bowels seem more voluntary and less irritable. I started to have spontaneous bowel movements for the first time since I was diagnosed with MS. My sight is more acute, and my level of mental awareness has improved.   Overall my life seems to have improved.  During the whole summer I had only one urinary infection when before I used to have them every 2 weeks. This is the first Fall in the past 7 years that I was not hospitalized. Wow! 

You gave me peace in my life. I am healthier and stronger mentally and spiritually. I am more aware of my aspirations and limitations, of who I am. I am far better, and thankful for an opportunity to be further Enlightened.“ 

Coleen, 43

(multiple health and emotional challenges)

“I'm really glad that my wife D. is seeing you ...I know she is in good hands...she shares a few tidbits once in a while, so I know she's going in the right direction, & it's very encouraging for both of us.  Thanks for helping so much both of us, being who you are, and doing what you do so well...

You are so gifted, and the people you serve are truly blessed.” 

A Couple, husband and wife,
Michael and Sophia, 64

(long history of Endometriosis since 13 years of old with severe cramping and pains, suggestion to remove uterus, hypothyroid, reoccurring Candida infections, very low energy levels)

"I have to tell you I feel so different, so good! My cramps and pains are all but gone!!!

I feel so light and positive. I really feel...happy. I feel very different, very light and calm.  You're amazing, I promise to thank all my guides and angles and you for all the shifts and changes I am feeling. 

I  was also pleased that there was a new found flow from my recently frozen thoughts. I expressed gratitude to God, my Guides and Angels, to you, my father, and my child. And lastly to my Soul for all the amazing transformation I am experiencing. I want to believe in myself again and I want to teach my daughter that she is a beautiful Being, and to just trust in herself that she is a complete and perfect little Soul who has so deeply touched so many.

Thank you Olga, you have shown me and inspired me to see that I am just as loved as everyone else and I can express such love without guilt or burden. I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for all the gifts you have given me. 

Love and light to you, D." 
Deborah, 29

(emotional and personal issues, going through difficult divorce)

"I feel like a small child that has just been born and is in total AWE(someness) of all of the things there is to discover in that place. This has given me a way to FINALLY feel my ability to freely create and express in a way that is in perfect harmony. To discover, create, express in a state of perfect whole-i-ness. 

Thank you."
Brad, 51 

(diabetes. Was at the edge of going on insulin injections)  E-mail from husband after just one distance treatment session. (see: Distance Treatments )

"Hi Olga,

L.'s blood sugar has come down to a steady 8 (+) which is just perfect and it has stayed constant at that figure ever since Friday. It would appear she won`t have to be on the needle, just as you predicted. Absolutely wonderful!. Thank you so much for your facilitation in this miracle Olga.  

Regards & thank you again".