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Guided by Spiritual Philosophy of Wholeness we want to help you find health and healing.

Medicine of the soul is the medicine of the body

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Our Custom Products created for you

1. Customized and personalized Guided Imagery/Self Hypnosis CDs

Why do you want them? Manifest what you want in your life while you sleep! You listen to the CDs while you sleep and your subconscious reprograms itself. 

Experience the difference between the CDs designed and recorded for you and commercial ones. The best of Commercial CDs can pleasantly relax you, and give a few positive suggestions. For any visualization, or hypnotic suggestion to work we should use the imagery and “speak the language” of that particular person. Definition of "happiness" for me is not the definition of happiness for someone else. From working with my clients I learned that what works the best always comes from their imagery and language, simply because they are the only ones who have a “key” to their sub-conscious mind. It really works miracles with time and persistence: scars diminish and dissolve, pain goes away, sleep improves, energy increases, dreams come true, and programmed images become reality. 

Any challenge you presently deal with or affirmation can be coded into a CD upon your request.

2. Personalized Pregnancy Support and Hypno-Birth Program

Pregnancy Support/Hypno - Birthing Program of 3 CDs is especially designed for pregnant women to have a pain free labor and the most blissful birthing experience. (For more info click here ). The program is composed with professionalism and love. Give your unborn baby the gift of knowing he/she will be all right, and knowing he/she is welcome into this world with love! He/she will thank you after! Take your birthing experience in your hands because you can!  

How are Olga’s CDs different? This professionally designed for you tool  in just one recording can combine: 

1. Loose weigh;  2. quit smoking; 3. find a relationship you want; 3. get the money you want;  4. get success you want;  5.clear physical and emotional blocks;  6. control pain;  7.reach better health and wellness; 8.improve results in learning and memory; 12.improve sports performance, and much, much, more…

3. Energy sessions for resolving conflicts in family, business, and building career of your dreams

Before anything manifests on the physical level in our holographic Universe it should create itself or be created on energy level first. The system we used to create, improve, or heal  conflicts and challenges in career, business, or family is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that holds the wisdom of 5000 years as well as recent discoveries in Quantum Physics. Click here for more details.

4.  Your Personal Tune Up for Every Day High Energy. Audio CD.

Guided Meditative Practice of Inner Smile: The Art of Inner Alchemy. This unique tool created by Olga especially for you is your every day tune-up session-in-a pocket. Discover the source of Inner Alchemy in yourself! Transform pain and stress into vitality!

5. The Art of Inner Alchemy CD will help clear blocked energy from your organs every day so that you could stay healthy, happy, and with optimum energy. We invite you to start or end your day with this Guided Meditative Practice of Inner Smile combined with Qi Qong techniques.  You will experience complete peace and calmness as the Inner Smile Practice connects our physical self and our spiritual self in a very practical way. Inner Smile Practice teaches embracing our pain and dysfunction from within, and awakens sense of unity, and inner will of our heart. You will also notice how your body is being filled with healing light.
Note: Available at stores not is available only through this website.

If you are stressed out, do you think your organs are not? Where do all the emotions and thoughts you experience daily go? Latest research proved that body stores emotional memories in all tissues, and organs in particular. This blocks energy pathways to and within an organ, and eventually corrupts its function. (Disease always begins with the blockage of energy flow to an organ or major energy pathway). If you want to be healthy, it is a must to clear your organs every day.
This CD is an invitation to expand your awareness and become proactive rather than reactive by including a new part into your daily routine: cleaning your organs from stress. Every organ is “assigned” to process specific emotions for you, and as long as it works properly it will support the healthy processing. Become friends with your organs, and they will become your friends too! You will get rewarded with radiant health and energy! (There is a diagram on the insert to remind you about where each of your organs "resides").

6. Personal Healing Jewelry with either birth stones or other semi-precious rocks and gems that you might need at this time to support your healing. Now with the the global shift of consciousness on this planet ancient rocks and gems are being activated from the grid of the planet. This makes them a unique healing tool, more powerful then ever before. All healing jewelry is made with quality metals only (sterling silver, copper, or gold plate). Using her gift of a medical intuitive Olga creates her healing jewelry through meditation practice to find appropriate combination of gems, elements, and metals for you. She also programs these products for your needs.

Current Rates 

* 1st session with complete Energy Assessment and Counseling up to 1.5 hrs for $220.00

*All follow up sessions are $180.00 per 1 hr.session. You will be charged extra if upon our common agreement we decide you need extra time.

*Distance Sessions.  Price is $180.00/session. If you want a written report e-mailed to you we charge $25.00 extra. For more details go to Distance Treatments  link.

*Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis sessions are charged on an hourly basis of 180.00/hour (which is one of the most competitive rates in the city).

*Energy alignment for creating a suceccfull business at a specific location (including finding and moving geopathic stress lines, clearing energy .etc).
Depending on special needs price may vary from $750 to $950.

*48 (forty eight ) hours notice is required for appointment's cancellation.
Cancellation made after that time is charged at $180.00

* GST included in all prices.

Vitamins/Supplements Testing  

We can test what vitamins and supplements are best for your body at this time. This is FREE within a context of Energy Medicine/BodyTalk session.