Medicine is anything that seeks healing and harmony through deep connection to soul and all life. 

Pathway Medicine

Icebergs reveal only about one-tenth of their mass above the water. 
Your current state of health and mind are just like the tip of the iceberg that is above water.

To understand all that creates and supports your current state of health you have to look under the surface. The closest to the surface level are behavioral and lifestyle levels. Underneath are cultural and motivational levels.

At the very foundation of the iceberg there is a spiritual, or being realm.
It includes the unconscious mind and soul journey reflected in your
reason for being, the real meaning of your life, and your place in the universe. 

How you address these bigger questions, and the answer you choose, underlie and permeate all of the layers above. Ultimately, this realm determines whether the tip of the iceberg, representing your state of health, is one of a disease or wellness. 

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